Struct cursive::views::StackView [] [src]

pub struct StackView { /* fields omitted */ }

Simple stack of views. Only the top-most view is active and can receive input.


impl StackView

Creates a new empty StackView

Adds a new full-screen layer on top of the stack.

Fullscreen layers have no shadow.

Adds new view on top of the stack in the center of the screen.

Adds a view on top of the stack.

Remove the top-most layer.

Computes the offset of the current top view.

Returns the size for each layer in this view.

Trait Implementations

impl Default for StackView

Returns the "default value" for a type. Read more

impl View for StackView

Draws the view with the given printer (includes bounds) and focus.

Called when a key was pressed. Read more

Called once the size for this view has been decided, Read more

Returns the minimum size the view requires with the given restrictions. Read more

This view is offered focus. Will it take it? Read more

Finds the view identified by the given selector. Read more

Moves the focus to the view identified by the given selector. Read more

Returns true if the view content changed since last layout phase. Read more